Conference: September 8, 2012 [Sat.]

  1. Opening speech and introduction Norihide Takahashi (APIS 2012 Chairman, Nihon University)
  2. lectures
    • Mark Osterman(Photographic Process Historian at George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, NY)
      Evolution of the Wet Collodion Process
    • Takashi Arai(Photographer / Daguerreotypist)
      The new theory of daguerreotype as a monumental container
    • France Scully Osterman (Artist, Photographic Process Historian)
      Collodion Chloride Emulsion Printing-Out Paper
    • Naohisa Hara(Photographer, Nihon University)
      Digital Negatives and Platinum Printing: expanding the photographer’s range of expression
  3. Digital Negatives SymposiumDigital Inkjet Negatives became indispensable presence for alternative photographic processes. Various methods had been developed worldwide. At first, introduce each methods and then understand the features and differences of each methods. Then discuss about, for instance, possibilities to improve quality, combine with other methods, etc.

    Chair: Takafumi Suzuki(Photographer, Nihon University)
    Panelists:  Naohisa Hara (Photographer, Nihon University)
    Katsumi Nagashima (Photographer, developer of DGSM)
    Mark Nelson (Photographer, developer of PDN, participate via the Internet)
    Ron Reeder (Photographer, developer of QTR negative, participate via the Internet)
    Osamu Yamamoto (Benrido)
    Yoshiki Seidoh (Pictorico)
    Isao Edatsune (Epson Sales Japan)

  4. social gathering (option)

Workshops: September 9, 2012 [Sun.]

  1. Collodion P.O.P. by France Scully OstermanLimited to 8 participants.
  2. Cyanotype and Van Dyke print by Takafumi SuzukiLimited to 15 participants.
  3. Collotype print by Osamu Yamamoto(Benrido)Limited to 8 participants.